Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mummy Juice Boxes-for Halloween

 Mummy Juice Boxes 
THese Would be SOOO Cute for the kids to take to School Treats
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~ Hole Punch
~ Medical Tape or Electrical Tape
~ Juice Boxes
~ Scissors
~ Googly Eyes

~First, to cover the top of the juicebox you need to use the hole punch to punch a hole in a strip of tape.
~Position the tape so that when you put it on the hole in the tape matches up with where the straw goes through
~using another piece of tape, cover the rest of the top of the juice box
~Starting with the bottom, wrap up the box. (make sure you go in all different directions!)
~Stick the googly eyes on
~Position a 3-inch piece of tape, on an angle, just over the mummy's eyes to give him an eyebrow.
Last but not least, using a 1-inch piece of tape, attach the straw to the side of the juice box.

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