Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rudolph Hot Cocoa Cones

Hot Chocolate mix (I used the individual packets I had on and, and I used 2 packets per cone)
Chocolate Chips 
Miniature Marshmallows 
brown pipe cleaners/fuzzy sticks (whatever you want to call them)
red or brown poms (I use the red for Rudolph)
googly eyes
12" piping bag

Pour enough hot chocolate mix in piping bag for 2 )in my case I used two packets), then add chocolate chips and marshmallows. Use the brown pipe cleaners to tie around the top and shape into a bow or upwards to resemble antlers. Glue googly eyes and nose on them! i'm going to do a little tag with instructions on it and give them out to the kiddos in my life for an early Christmas treat! 

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